League of Geeks Delays Release of Solium Infernum Remake

League Of Geeks recently announced a one-week delay for the release of their remake of the cult strategy game Solium Infernum. Originally scheduled for February 14th, the game will now launch on February 22nd. This news is disappointing, as there’s nothing quite like spending a romantic Valentine’s night-in trying to backstab your significant other in a bid to rule hell in Satan’s absence. Unfortunately, we’ll have to settle for a regular Thursday in February, as the studio wants to ensure the game is polished before its release.

One of the reasons for the delay is the player feedback received during Solium Infernum’s recent multiplayer playtest weekend. The weekend saw over 4000 players participating in over 400 matches, which helped uncover several issues that needed immediate attention before launch. In a Steam blog post, League Of Geeks discussed three major takeaways from the playtest: the tutorial, game stability, and performance.

According to the post, although the tutorial effectively conveyed the core mechanics of the game, it was found to be prone to breaking easily. This presented a problem for new players who encountered bugs early on, hindering their understanding of the game. The team has set “very aggressive targets for stability” and made it a major priority to improve performance. They assure players that the game’s performance at launch will be significantly better than in pre-release versions.

Setting aside the bugs, early testers, including members of the RPS Treehouse, enjoyed plotting and scheming against each other during asynchronous multiplayer matches. The full game will offer real-time multiplayer matches, single-player Chronicles episodes, and a Skirmish mode. As the launch date approaches, more thoughts and match reports on Solium Infernum will be shared.

While waiting for the game’s release, consider two intriguing questions: Who do you think would win a game of Solium Infernum among the RPS Treehouse members? Additionally, which of the game’s eight Arch Fiends do you think best represents each member of the team? These questions prompt speculation and anticipation for the game’s launch.

The League Of Geeks team has made the difficult decision to delay the release of Solium Infernum’s remake by one week. This delay allows them to address player feedback, improve the tutorial, enhance game stability, and ensure optimal performance. As a result, players can expect a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience when Solium Infernum finally launches on February 22nd.


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