Is Baldur’s Gate 3’s First Major Patch Enough to Fix the Game?

The highly-anticipated Baldur’s Gate 3 has released its first major patch, and it’s so large that even Steam’s text character limit couldn’t contain it. The developers, Larian Studios, had to resort to publishing a portion of the patch details on a Steam blog and the rest on their forums. However, this approach didn’t come without issues, as their forums briefly went down, possibly due to an overwhelming amount of online traffic or simply the massive size of the patch.

Now, with over three thousand words worth of patch details, players can expect an extensive list of bug fixes, amounting to around one thousand bugs addressed. Additionally, the patch introduces “Short King Summer,” a feature that caters to players who choose to play as shorter fantasy races. Larian has made adjustments to the camera in cutscenes to provide a better experience for these races. They have also fixed an issue with smooching animations, adding a humorous touch to the update.

In addition to the fixes mentioned above, the patch addresses several other issues that players may have encountered during their playthroughs. Rebellious floating objects have been brought back down to the ground, allowing players to place them correctly. NPCs who were previously able to spot players even when they shouldn’t have are now fixed, making sneaky playthroughs much smoother. Larian seems to have taken player feedback into account, as they asked for suggestions in a previous update, and this patch may include some of those requested changes.

Larian has also provided a glimpse into what players can expect from the upcoming second patch, which they claim is just “around the corner.” This patch aims to address the game’s performance issues, particularly in the final act. As an RPG with an immense amount of variables to keep track of, Baldur’s Gate 3 can become quite unstable towards the end. Players are hoping that this second patch will smoothen out the gameplay experience and provide a more stable environment to enjoy the game’s climax.

While waiting for further updates from Larian, players can explore various mods to enhance their Baldur’s Gate 3 experience. One mod that stands out is the Lone Wolf mod, which allows players to ditch their companions and embark on a solo adventure. This mod caters to players who enjoy a more solitary playstyle and adds an interesting dynamic to the game. Additionally, another mod gives the game a visual overhaul, making it resemble Dragon Age: Origins. These mods provide players with alternative ways to enjoy the game while waiting for official updates.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s first major patch is a substantial step towards improving the overall gameplay experience. With thousands of bug fixes and added features like “Short King Summer,” Larian has shown their dedication to addressing player concerns. However, players still have high hopes for the upcoming second patch, which promises to tackle performance issues, particularly in the final act. Until then, players can experiment with mods to further personalize their gaming experience. Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to evolve and, hopefully, will reach its full potential with future updates.


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