Investigating the Gameplay Feel of The Finals: Addressing Player Feedback

The Finals, a highly anticipated game, has made a successful debut following its launch during The Game Awards. However, despite its popularity, some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived slower player movement compared to the earlier open beta. Interestingly, the developers refute these claims, stating that there have been no actual changes to the movement system. The challenge lies in understanding why players are perceiving a difference in speed and identifying the underlying factors contributing to this discrepancy.

Responding to player feedback, the community manager at Embark Studios, the developer of The Finals, acknowledges the concerns raised regarding the movement feel during its development. They state that pinpointing the precise reason for this discrepancy has been challenging. However, through extensive research, they believe they have identified potential factors contributing to the perception of slower movement. The team explains that they have made incremental adjustments to animations, sounds, and settings over the past month. These changes, combined with the default Field of View (FOV) setting of 71, may be influencing the game’s feel and giving players the impression of reduced movement, particularly in light and medium archetypes. The developers recommend players review and modify their FOV settings to potentially alleviate this issue while assuring the community that they are actively working to restore the original movement feel.

It is not uncommon for player feedback to attribute perceived issues to incorrect causes, especially in the realm of first-person shooters. The example of Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein showcases the potential impact of audio and visual elements on gameplay perception. Players reported imbalances between machineguns, believing one team’s weapon to be more powerful than the enemy’s. However, upon investigation, it was revealed that both weapons had identical statistics. The true discrepancy lay in the sound effects, with one weapon appearing more formidable due to sound design. This auditory illusion influenced players’ behavior, leading them to engage more aggressively with the perceived stronger weapon and ultimately achieving more kills. This case highlights how audiovisual elements can significantly impact player experience and perception within a game, even when the underlying mechanics remain consistent.

Apart from the gameplay feel concerns, The Finals has encountered other launch quirks, such as server issues affecting matchmaking and causing disconnects during matches. Additionally, a persisting error code, TFLA0004, has been reported, barring players from gameplay. Embark Studios emphasizes their dedication to resolving these issues promptly. They assure the community that they are actively investigating the causes behind these technical problems and are diligently working to rectify them. Prioritizing player satisfaction and a smooth gaming experience, the developers address these issues alongside the adjustments being made to restore the movement feel.

As The Finals gains momentum after its successful launch, player feedback forms a crucial component in the ongoing evolution of the game. With regards to concerns over slower player movement, Embark Studios seeks to address the issue by identifying potential culprits such as animation changes, sound modifications, and default FOV settings. By proactively investigating and addressing these factors, the development team aims to restore the original movement feel while urging players to adjust their FOV settings. The example of Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein serves as a reminder of the significant impact audiovisual elements can have on player perception, emphasizing the complexities of game design. Furthermore, Embark Studios acknowledges and strives to rectify launch quirks and technical issues, underscoring their commitment to delivering an exceptional gameplay experience for all players.


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