Instagram’s New Option Allows Users to Create Cutout Stickers for Stories and Reels

Instagram has introduced a new feature that enables users to cut out elements from still image posts and convert them into stickers for Stories and Reels. This addition opens up new creative possibilities for users who want to personalize their content and make it more engaging. However, there are a few limitations and considerations that users should be aware of before utilizing this feature.

To create a cutout sticker, users need to select the “Create a cutout sticker” option from the three dots menu displayed on any publicly posted still image post. Once activated, Instagram’s system will identify the focal point in the image and save it as a separate sticker. This sticker can then be used in Stories and Reels, allowing users to enhance their visual storytelling.

The Impact of Video Dominance

One potential challenge with this feature is the increasing dominance of video content on Instagram. Most users’ feeds now comprise predominantly of video clips, making it more difficult to locate still image posts. As a result, finding suitable images to create cutout stickers might require extra effort and time.

Creating a cutout sticker from a feed post is subject to certain limitations. Firstly, the creator of the post must have enabled permissions for other users to create cutouts from their content. If the creator disables this option, it would not be possible to create stickers from their posts. Additionally, if a user creates a cutout sticker from someone else’s post and the original post gets deleted, the sticker will also be lost. These limitations may impact the availability and longevity of cutout stickers.

Despite the limitations, Instagram’s new feature offers significant creative potential. Users can now transform still images into reusable stickers, adding a unique touch to their Stories and Reels. This feature opens up endless possibilities for customization, enabling users to personalize their content in innovative ways. It will be interesting to see how users embrace this feature and whether it becomes a popular tool for visual expression on the platform.

Inspired by Pinterest’s Success?

Instagram’s move towards allowing users to create cutout stickers from still image posts aligns with the trend set by Pinterest’s Shuffles app. The popularity of collage creation apps among younger audiences indicates that there is a demand for such creative tools. By tapping into this trend, Instagram could attract a new audience and further enhance the app’s creative features.

Instagram’s new option to create cutout stickers from still image posts presents an exciting opportunity for users to elevate their visual storytelling in Stories and Reels. While there are limitations to consider, such as the prevalence of video content and permissions from post creators, this feature has the potential to drive creativity and customization on the platform. Users can now unlock a new level of personalization by transforming their favorite still images into reusable stickers. As Instagram continues to evolve, it is essential for users to stay updated with the latest features and explore new ways to engage with their audience.

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