Instagram Testing Feature to Show Posts only from Verified Users

Instagram has recently been testing new strategies to encourage more users to purchase a verification badge. The social media platform, now owned by Meta, is exploring the idea of allowing users to view posts exclusively from verified accounts. This feature, currently in the testing phase and available to select users, aims to enhance the visibility of businesses and creators. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has posted on his broadcast channel, requesting user feedback to further develop this feature.

Testing Phase and User Feedback

The new feature being tested on Instagram offers three options for users to customize their feed: Following, Favourites, and Meta Verified users. By selecting the Meta Verified option, users will only see Instagram reels and posts from verified accounts. While it is unclear which users have been granted access to this test feature and whether it will have limited availability or extend globally, feedback received during the testing period will shape further changes.

This move by Instagram could be an attempt to encourage more users to transition to verified accounts. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has implemented new policies allowing users to pay a nominal subscription fee to obtain the verified badge. An official announcement by Meta states that mobile app users on iOS and Android can purchase Meta Verified for a monthly fee of Rs. 699, while the web version verification is priced at Rs. 599. To be eligible for Meta Verification in India, users must be at least 18 years old and provide an official government ID that matches the name and photo on their Instagram or Facebook account.

The introduction of a feature that displays posts exclusively from verified accounts can have significant implications for businesses and creators on Instagram. With access to a more targeted audience, verified accounts can increase their visibility and potentially reach a higher number of users. This development may further incentivize businesses and creators to invest in obtaining a verified badge, as it could lead to greater exposure and opportunities for collaboration.

Concerns and Potential Challenges

While Instagram’s effort to prioritize verified accounts may benefit businesses and creators, it could also raise concerns among non-verified users. The introduction of such a feature might create a divide between verified and non-verified accounts, potentially leading to disparities in engagement and reach. Additionally, there is the question of whether the verification process is accessible and fair to all users, especially smaller businesses and individual creators who may face financial constraints.

Instagram’s testing of a feature that allows users to view posts only from verified accounts represents a potential shift in the platform’s focus towards promoting verified content. By selectively displaying content from verified users, Instagram aims to enhance the visibility of businesses and creators. However, this approach raises concerns regarding equality and accessibility across the platform. As Instagram continues to gather user feedback and make further changes, it will be interesting to see how this feature develops and its impact on the Instagram community.

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