Instagram Introduces Song Lyrics Feature for Reels

Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Meta, has recently rolled out an exciting new feature for its users. Now, just like on Instagram Stories, users can add song lyrics to their Reels. This feature comes after Instagram has been testing various new features to enhance user experience. While some of these features focused on revamping how we view our feeds, others were centered around collaborative posting. However, the addition of song lyrics to Instagram Reels is a feature that should be familiar to users, as it has already been available on Instagram Stories for some time.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, made the announcement about this new feature on his Broadcast Channel. He stated that the Instagram team had noticed that many users were manually adding song lyrics to their videos. With the introduction of this feature, Instagram hopes to make it easier for users to express themselves creatively. Mosseri also mentioned that they are actively working on more features for Reels, promising an even better user experience in the future.

To add song lyrics to an Instagram Reel, users simply need to follow a few simple steps. While editing their Reel, they can tap on the music icon to access the song library. After selecting a desired song, users can swipe left to add the corresponding lyrics. This process is quite similar to the Music feature on Instagram Stories, which has allowed users to add song lyrics to their Stories for some time now.

In addition to the new song lyrics feature, Instagram is also testing another exciting feature that allows users to invite their friends to contribute to their feed posts. This will result in collaborative carousel posts, enriching the content and providing new perspectives. Once the invitation is sent, the invited user will see an option to “Add to post,” allowing them to contribute more images to the post. This feature aims to enhance collaboration and foster creativity among Instagram users.

Instagram is actively seeking user feedback to improve this new feature. They have provided three options for users to choose from: a feed from Following, a feed from Favourites, and a feed from Meta Verified users. This will help users curate their feed according to their preferences and interests. Additionally, this feature may also benefit companies and creators by increasing their visibility on the platform.

Ad-Free Subscription Plans in Europe

In recent news, Instagram and its parent company Facebook announced the introduction of ad-free subscription plans in Europe. Users from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland now have the option to pay a monthly fee of EUR 9.99 (roughly Rs. 880) for ad-free web access. Alternatively, they can choose the ad-free option for iOS and Android platforms at a cost of EUR 12.99 (roughly Rs. 1,100) per month. This new offering gives users the freedom to enjoy their Instagram experience without the interruption of ads.

Instagram continues to innovate and introduce new features to enhance user experience on their platform. The addition of song lyrics to Reels provides users with a new and creative way to express themselves. Furthermore, the testing of collaborative carousel posts shows Instagram’s commitment to fostering collaboration and creativity among its users. With the introduction of ad-free subscription plans, Instagram is also providing users in Europe with the option to have an uninterrupted experience on the platform.

As Instagram actively works on developing new features and gathering user feedback, we can expect even more exciting updates in the future. Whether it’s through adding song lyrics, collaborating on posts, or enjoying an ad-free experience, Instagram remains dedicated to providing its users with the best possible social media experience.

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