Instagram Introduces ‘Limits’ Feature to Allow Users to Hide Unwanted Messages and Comments

Instagram recently introduced a new feature called “limits” that gives users the ability to hide direct messages and comments from accounts that may be harassing them. This feature goes beyond just hiding content from recent followers or non-followers, as it now allows users to mute all incoming messages except from those on their close friends list.

The primary goal behind the introduction of limits was to help creators deal with harassment campaigns on the platform. However, the feature is available for anyone facing unwanted messages or comments from bullies and other undesirable accounts. By limiting interactions to only close friends, users can effectively filter out noise without cutting off communication with their supportive community.

When a user enables limits on their account, they will only receive direct messages, tags, and mentions from people on their close friends list. Other accounts can still engage with their posts, but these interactions will be hidden from the user’s view. Additionally, the accounts that have been limited will not be notified that their content has been hidden. Users also have the option to choose whether to view or ignore the restricted comments and messages.

To activate the limits feature, users need to access their profile settings, click on the hamburger menu in the top-right corner of the screen, and select “Limited Interactions.” From there, they can toggle the limits on for accounts that are not following them, recent followers, or everyone except their close friends.

In addition to the limits feature, Instagram has also expanded its restrict feature to allow users to prevent a specific account from tagging or mentioning them, as well as hiding their comments. These enhancements come at a time when Instagram is under increased scrutiny from the US government regarding the safety of its younger users.

Earlier this year, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, implemented measures to protect minors on its platforms by preventing adults from messaging them by default. Furthermore, the company has taken steps to hide content related to suicide and eating disorders from teen users, demonstrating its commitment to ensuring a safer online environment for all users.


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