Instagram Expanding Stories with New Profile Sharing Feature

Instagram Stories, introduced in 2016, has become a popular interactive feature on the platform, with over 500 million daily users in 2019. Now, Instagram, owned by Meta (formerly Facebook), is preparing to introduce an exciting new addition to Stories. Users might soon have the ability to share another user’s Instagram profile on their own Stories, as hinted by popular developer Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) on X (formerly Twitter). This feature would function similarly to the existing “Add to Story” option, allowing users to display someone else’s profile and encourage their followers to visit and follow that user.

The upcoming profile sharing feature on Instagram Stories has the potential to greatly assist content creators and influencers in increasing their profile visibility and follower count. By sharing another user’s profile, individuals can introduce their audience to new and interesting accounts that align with their interests. This could lead to increased engagement, collaborations, and networking opportunities within the Instagram community.

Like regular Stories posts, profile invites shared on Instagram Stories are anticipated to disappear after 24 hours. This temporary nature adds an element of urgency, encouraging viewers to take immediate action and visit the mentioned profile before it vanishes. Additionally, these profile invites will not be displayed on the profile grid or in the feed, ensuring a clutter-free user experience for both the profile owner and their followers.

Instagram has been actively introducing new features to enhance the user experience on the platform. In addition to the upcoming profile sharing feature, the app has recently unveiled other additions. Song lyrics display functionality for Reels now allows users to add their favorite tunes to their videos, further customizing their content. The introduction of new Reels editing tools, such as cropping and rotating, provides more creative options for content creators to express themselves.

Furthermore, Instagram has expanded its Close Friends feature, which enables users to share exclusive posts and Reels with a select group of people. This feature diversifies the content shared on users’ main feeds, offering a more personalized experience for both content creators and their loyal followers.

An Ad-Free Option for European Users

In addition to the new features, Meta now offers a paid ad-free subscription for Instagram users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland. Users in these regions have the option to enhance their Instagram experience by subscribing to the ad-free service, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted browsing and engagement.

The Future of Instagram

With the introduction of the profile sharing feature on Stories, Instagram continues to evolve and provide innovative solutions for its users. This addition has the potential to foster stronger connections within the Instagram community, promote content discovery, and support the growth of content creators and influencers. As Instagram remains committed to enhancing user experiences, it will be fascinating to see what other exciting features the platform has in store for its users in the future.

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