Impressive Sales Milestone for Dave the Diver: A Not So Indie Success Story

In the world of gaming, success stories often revolve around indie games that capture the hearts of players with their unique gameplay and creative ideas. However, every now and then, a game emerges from a non-indie studio and surprises the industry. Dave the Diver is one such game that has recently achieved an impressive sales milestone, despite not being an indie title.

Dave the Diver, developed by Mintrocket and published by Korean gaming giant Nexon, first surfaced in 2022. Combining elements of a fishing simulation, restaurant management game, and slice-of-life RPG, it piqued the interest of gamers worldwide. The game’s unexpected fusion of genres and its captivating smörgåsbord of gameplay mechanics made it stand out from the crowd.

After spending nearly a year in Early Access, Mintrocket released the finished version of Dave the Diver in June last year. Although the game was mostly complete, the developers continued to enhance it by incorporating quality of life improvements. One notable improvement was the reduction in button-mashing, making the game more enjoyable for players. Additionally, Mintrocket introduced new gameplay elements, predominantly centered around crustaceans, through post-launch updates.

In just over six months since its official release, Dave the Diver has sold an astounding three million copies worldwide. This remarkable achievement was announced by Mintrocket, accompanied by a creative nod to The Beatles’ iconic Sgt. Pepper’s album cover, featuring the game’s pixelated characters. It is important to note that the sales figure includes both PC and Nintendo Switch players, further cementing the game’s popularity across different platforms.

Apart from its exceptional sales, Dave the Diver also received the Sit Back And Relax Award at this year’s Steam Awards. This accolade, voted for by players, signifies the game’s success in providing an enjoyable and relaxing gameplay experience. While Mintrocket has been actively supporting and expanding Dave the Diver’s content, they have already announced their next venture. Their upcoming project will take a departure from the calm and relaxing atmosphere and plunge players into a harrowing struggle for survival in a zombie apocalypse. It remains to be seen if the studio can replicate the success of Dave the Diver in an entirely different genre.

Dave the Diver has proven that success in the gaming industry can be achieved outside of the indie scene. With its unique blend of gameplay genres and continuous improvements, the game has captured the attention and admiration of millions of players worldwide. As Mintrocket sets its sights on new horizons with their upcoming horror game, gaming enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the studio’s next adventure. Dave the Diver serves as a testament to the fact that innovation and enthralling gameplay can come from unexpected places in the gaming industry.


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