Impact of Walmart’s Shopping Data on Disney’s Streaming Portfolio

In a recent partnership announcement, Walmart has opened up its shopping data to advertisers to target Disney’s streaming portfolio, including Disney Plus and Hulu. This collaboration between Disney Advertising and Walmart Connect aims to revolutionize the way advertisers target audiences and measure data by utilizing clean-room technology to merge datasets.

By leveraging Walmart’s shopper data and Disney’s Audience Graph tools, advertisers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This partnership allows marketers to create more targeted campaigns that reach customers across various streaming platforms where Disney content is available. With access to approximately 145 million customers who shop at Walmart both online and in stores weekly, advertisers have a unique opportunity to tailor their messaging and offerings.

Expansion of Partner Lab

Disney will now join Walmart’s Partner Lab, a group that includes major players like TikTok, Roku, and NBCUniversal. This collaboration will enable Disney to test new ad formats and measurement techniques with Walmart, further enhancing their advertising capabilities. By tapping into Walmart’s vast customer base and advertising expertise, Disney can explore innovative ways to engage with viewers and drive impactful campaigns.

The initial phase of this partnership will focus on testing in the second quarter across key categories such as consumer electronics, automotive, and apparel. This testing phase will provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of combining Walmart’s shopper data with Disney’s proprietary tools. By analyzing the results of these tests, both companies can refine their strategies and optimize their advertising efforts for maximum impact.

Strategic Acquisition of Vizio

Walmart’s recent acquisition of smart TV maker Vizio for approximately $2.3 billion further underscores its commitment to expanding its ad business. By integrating Vizio’s technology and audience insights with its existing capabilities, Walmart aims to create a more robust advertising ecosystem. This acquisition will enable Walmart to offer enhanced targeting options and measurement solutions to advertisers, driving greater value for both brands and consumers.

Overall, the collaboration between Walmart and Disney represents a significant opportunity for advertisers to leverage cutting-edge technology and data to create more personalized and engaging campaigns. By combining the strengths of both companies, advertisers can reach their target audiences more effectively and drive measurable results. This partnership marks a new era of innovation in the advertising industry, setting the stage for future collaborations and advancements in targeting and measurement capabilities.


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