How to Leave a Video Message on FaceTime with the New Apple iOS 17 Feature

Apple’s latest iOS 17 update brings a new feature to FaceTime that allows users to leave video messages if their calls go unanswered. This fun and convenient option is available for iPhone models from 2018 onwards, provided they have updated their phone’s software to iOS 17. In this article, we will guide you through the process of leaving a video message on FaceTime.

Before you can start leaving video messages, ensure that your iPhone is running on the latest software. To check for updates, go to Settings, then General, and finally Software Update. If there is an available update, install it to ensure you have access to the new FaceTime feature.

To initiate a video call on FaceTime, open the FaceTime app on your iPhone. Once inside the app, tap the New FaceTime button to start a new call. Next, select the contact you wish to reach and tap the FaceTime icon located at the bottom of the screen.

If the person you are trying to FaceTime does not answer your call, you will be presented with the option to record a video message. A countdown timer will appear on the screen, giving you a few seconds to prepare. Once ready, start recording your video message. If you are not satisfied with your first attempt, don’t worry! You can always opt for a retake. However, if you are feeling confident, go ahead and press the send button. Additionally, if you want to save the video message for yourself, there is an option to add it to your Camera Roll. Apple has also included a cancel button in case you change your mind about leaving a video message.

Once you have sent a video message, it will appear in the recipient’s missed call log within the FaceTime app. This allows them to easily locate and view the message at their convenience. By integrating video messages into the missed call log, Apple has made it seamless for users to access and respond to these messages.

With the introduction of the new FaceTime feature in iOS 17, leaving video messages has become a delightful addition to the communication capabilities of iPhone users. By simply updating your device’s software and following a few easy steps, you can now record and send video messages when your FaceTime calls go unanswered. This feature adds a personal touch to distant connections, allowing users to share meaningful moments even when they are not able to connect in real-time. So, give it a try and surprise your loved ones with a playful video message the next time they miss your FaceTime call.


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