How Reddit is Revolutionizing AMA Sessions

Reddit’s popular “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions are about to become even more accessible with the introduction of new features designed to streamline the process. One major improvement is the addition of AMA scheduling, which allows users to plan their sessions in advance. By selecting “AMA” as a post type within the scheduling flow on desktop, Redditors can now better organize and promote their interview sessions. This eliminates the need for creating separate posts to announce the date and start time of an AMA, simplifying the entire process for both hosts and attendees.

In addition to scheduling options, Reddit is introducing tools to help users build hype for their upcoming AMAs. Preview links for scheduled sessions will allow hosts to generate interest and anticipation among Redditors. Furthermore, the new “Remind Me” button next to AMA posts will send push notifications to interested users 24 hours before the session and right before it begins. This feature aims to maximize attendance and ensure that the word is spread about the upcoming AMA. By making it easier for users to engage with and participate in AMAs, Reddit is enhancing the overall experience for both hosts and participants.

Another significant update is the ability for AMA hosts to add guest collaborators to their sessions. Up to five guests can now answer questions within an AMA, allowing for a more dynamic and diverse discussion. This feature is particularly useful for AMA hosts looking to involve multiple individuals, such as members of a K-Pop band. Each guest collaborator can respond via their own profile, enhancing the interactive nature of the session. Additionally, new end notes have been introduced to clearly indicate when an AMA session has finished. Hosts can also share links to other social channels within these end notes, providing attendees with additional resources and information after the session concludes.

To enhance the overall user experience, Reddit has added the option to sort AMA comments by “Answered” and “Unanswered”. This feature makes it easier for participants to navigate the discussion and identify which questions have been addressed by the host or guest collaborators. By introducing these new sorting options, Reddit is improving the accessibility and usability of AMA sessions, making it easier for users to engage with the content.

Overall, these updates represent a significant step forward in enhancing the AMA experience on Reddit. By providing users with more tools and options for scheduling, promoting, and engaging with AMAs, Reddit is strengthening its position as a leading platform for interactive Q&A sessions. With AMAs consistently ranking among the top performing posts on the app, these improvements are a valuable addition to Reddit’s growing suite of features and functionalities.

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