Helping Teens Safely Navigate Artificial Intelligence: A Partnership for Education

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have created a need for comprehensive guidelines and educational materials to ensure safe and responsible usage. OpenAI, a leading AI research laboratory, has announced a partnership with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization dedicated to technology safety for children. This collaboration aims to equip teenagers with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate AI effectively in their educational experiences. Through the development of AI guidelines, education materials, and curated language models, the partnership seeks to address the potential risks and benefits associated with AI usage among youths.

Empowering Teens and Educators

One of the primary objectives of this partnership is to foster a love of learning among teenagers. Common Sense Media intends to explore whether AI can enhance educational experiences and inspire curiosity and engagement. By understanding how AI technologies can be implemented responsibly, teenagers can harness the power of AI to explore various fields of study, such as science and biology.

Addressing Concerns

Common Sense Media also aims to address concerns related to human and children’s rights and the spread of misinformation through AI. The partnership recognizes the importance of ensuring that AI models adhere to ethical standards and respect the rights of all individuals. This includes curating “family-friendly” large language models (LLMs) branded with the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology developed by OpenAI. By aligning LLMs with Common Sense’s rating and standards, the partnership hopes to minimize any unintended consequences of AI usage among young users.

The Role of OpenAI’s Mission

OpenAI’s mission is to make highly useful AI available to all, free of charge. By collaborating with Common Sense Media, OpenAI aims to provide access to AI tools for individuals who might otherwise lack the opportunity. This partnership not only enhances educational opportunities but also democratizes access to AI technologies, leveling the playing field for teenagers in various socioeconomic backgrounds.

Acknowledging Potential Risks

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman acknowledges the potential risks associated with AI, particularly in the context of “deepfakes” during elections. However, he emphasizes that people are more discerning than commonly believed, cautioning against blind trust in all AI-generated content. To address these challenges, OpenAI has established a response effort to mitigate the risks posed by malicious actors misusing AI technology. This proactive approach demonstrates OpenAI’s commitment to promoting the safe and responsible use of AI.

The partnership between OpenAI and Common Sense Media has received philanthropic support from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, founded by Craigslist’s creator, Craig Newmark. With a contribution of $3 million, Newmark aims to support AI and education initiatives that combat the potential negative impacts of AI, including its influence on the information ecosystem and societal discontent. This collaboration exemplifies the importance of public-private partnerships in addressing critical issues surrounding AI usage.

Both OpenAI and Common Sense Media acknowledge the evolving nature of AI and the need to adapt to emerging demands. OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, emphasizes the importance of ongoing exploration to identify the most effective ways to utilize AI for educational purposes. While the specific adjustments to LLMs for educational use remain unclear, the partnership highlights their dedication to providing teenagers with personalized AI experiences. This ongoing commitment to adapt and refine AI usage ensures that teenagers can make the most of AI technology while minimizing potential dangers.

The collaborative effort between OpenAI and Common Sense Media represents a significant step forward in the safe and responsible use of AI by teenagers. By leveraging the expertise of both organizations, this partnership aims to provide robust guidelines, education materials, and curated language models that align with Common Sense’s rating and standards. Through this initiative, teenagers will be empowered to embrace the vast potential of AI while prioritizing user safety, individual rights, and accurate information dissemination. By equipping teenagers with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate AI technology, this partnership sets the stage for a future where AI is a transformative force for education and innovation.


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