Google Meet Introduces Filters for Video Calls

Google Meet has recently added a new feature that allows users to apply filters to their video calls. The filters are designed to “lightly” touch up your complexion before heading into a meeting. This feature was initially launched on mobile devices last year, but it is now available on Google Meet’s web app as well.

Types of Filters

There are two different filters that users can choose from: subtle and smoothing. The subtle filter applies very light complexion smoothing, under-eye lightening, and eye whitening, while the smoothing filter enhances these effects slightly. Based on the GIF provided by Google, it appears that these filters do not dramatically alter your appearance like filters on Snapchat but instead provide a more natural enhancement.

To access the touch-up options, users must select the Apply visual effects setting in Google Meet and choose Appearance. From there, users can toggle Portrait touch-up on or off and select their preferred filter. This feature is rolling out to paid users on specific plans, including Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching & Learning Upgrade. Additionally, Google One and Google Workspace Individual subscribers will have access to portrait touch-up.

Google was relatively late in introducing face filters for video calls compared to its competitors such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. These platforms have already provided users with the ability to make more drastic changes to their appearance during video meetings.

The addition of filters to Google Meet’s video call feature offers users a subtle way to enhance their appearance during virtual meetings. While the filters may not be as extensive as those offered by other platforms, they provide a more natural touch-up option for users. With the increasing reliance on video conferencing for work and social interactions, Google’s move to incorporate filters into Google Meet is a timely and welcomed update.


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