Exploring TikTok’s AI-moji Feature

TikTok is known for constantly experimenting with new features to enhance user experience. One such feature that is currently being tested is the “AI-moji”, which allows users to create a cartoonish avatar of themselves using AI technology.

Users who have access to this feature can scan their face to generate a digital character that can be used as stickers in the app. By tapping on the “Get Started” prompt, users can go through the process of creating their AI-moji and use it to react to stories, messages, and even as stickers in chats.

The concept of AI-moji may seem similar to avatar stickers on other platforms like Meta’s Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, or Snap’s Bitmoji. However, it appears that the “AI” aspect is more of a trendy marketing term rather than a groundbreaking technology. In fact, TikTok had previously introduced 3D avatars in 2022, which serve a similar purpose.

TikTok has been actively incorporating AI technology in various aspects of the app, including chatbots, search tools, music generation, and profile picture options. The parent company, ByteDance, is also exploring text-to-video translation with its ‘MagicVideo’ project. This indicates a growing trend towards AI-generated content on the platform.

While the AI-moji feature may not be considered groundbreaking, it presents another way for users to personalize their interactions on TikTok. Having a digital character version of oneself adds a new dimension to discussions and interactions on the platform. As AI continues to evolve, it is likely that such features will become more common across social media apps.

TikTok’s experimentation with AI through features like AI-moji reflects the app’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological trends. While it may not be a transformative tool in itself, it contributes to the overall user experience and adds an element of fun to TikTok interactions. As AI becomes more pervasive in social media, it will be interesting to see how platforms like TikTok continue to innovate and adapt to these changes.

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