Exploring the Top Games on Steam: Valve’s Best of 2023

Valve has recently unveiled their “Best Of 2023” lists on Steam, showcasing the most successful games of the year based on various data points such as revenue and peak concurrent players. This annual tradition never fails to surprise, with lesser-known titles and indie gems often outperforming expectations. While the Steam Awards voting is still ongoing, this list focuses solely on objective metrics to determine the top games on the platform. Without further ado, let’s delve into the highlights of the Steam “Best Of 2023” lists.

Instead of a traditional ranking system, games on this list are classified into four buckets: platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Each bucket represents different revenue levels, and the position within the bucket is randomized. While this approach eliminates the exact revenue figures for games like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, both titles secure their places in the prestigious Platinum bucket – reserved for the top twelve highest-grossing games on Steam. Surprisingly, other notable titles like Dave The Diver, Lies Of P, Atomic Heart, RimWorld, Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Sekiro find themselves in lower tiers, showcasing the eclectic mix of successes on the platform.

Unveiling Unexpected Gems

One standout game from the list is The Finals, which fails to make an appearance in the overall top 100. However, when the filters are applied to only include games released in 2023, it secures a position in the gold tier. This example highlights the importance of context and specific categorizations when analyzing game performance. Moreover, Goose Goose Duck gains recognition as one of the few games to reach over 300,000 concurrent players, showcasing its immense popularity among the gaming community.

Valve acknowledges the diverse nature of games and provides filters to explore specific categories such as early access, VR, and Steam Deck games. Each category comes with its own set of caveats to ensure a fair representation of the data. For further details on the specific data used for each category, users can refer to the information provided at the bottom of each page. Although it may be tempting to cross-reference these listings with publicly available financial information to estimate the revenue of “platinum” games, Valve does not provide these exact figures.

Valve’s “Best Of 2023” lists on Steam provide intriguing insights into the top-performing games on the platform. By relying on objective data like revenue and peak concurrent players, Valve showcases a diverse range of games that have achieved remarkable success in the dynamic gaming landscape. Whether it’s the well-known titles in the Platinum bucket or the hidden gems in the lower tiers, this list serves as a testament to the power of gamers and their ever-evolving preferences. For a comprehensive look at the top games of the year, head over to the Steam site and explore the full compilation.


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