Exploring the New Features of Helldivers 2’s Cutting Edge Premium Warbond

Helldivers 2’s latest DLC battle pass, known as the Cutting Edge Premium warbond, introduces a variety of new and unique gadgets and gear to enhance gameplay. From lightning shotguns to burst-fire laser rifles, stun grenades, and experimental armor, players now have access to an arsenal of oddball weaponry to tackle their enemies.

One standout addition is the Lightning Shotgun, which fires arcs of electricity that can conduct between players and enemies, delivering powerful and shocking blows. Additionally, the new Electrical Conduit armor perk reduces arc damage by 95%, allowing close-knit teams to navigate the battlefield without fear of self-inflicted harm.

Among the new additions is the Localization Confusion booster, which extends the time between enemy spawns. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for solo players, enabling them to disengage from prolonged gunfights more gracefully and strategically. This boost in gameplay mechanics adds a layer of tactical advantage for those who prefer to go it alone.

The Cutting Edge Premium warbond is available for purchase in-game for 1000 Super Credits, which translates to approximately 700 Super Credits due to the inclusion of a 300 Super Credit payout. Players can either earn Super Credits through gameplay or purchase them from the Acquisition Centre for $9.99/£7.99. The included gadgets and gear can be obtained by spending medals earned from victories, near-victories, or honorable defeats.

With the introduction of the arc-resistant armor perk, speculations arise about the potential return of the Illuminates faction from the original Helldivers game. Known for their affinity for Tesla weaponry, the Illuminates could pose a significant challenge for players equipped with the new gear. While Arrowhead is currently focused on expanding the Terminid faction with flying bugs and pesticide tower missions, hints of the Illuminates’ presence in-game raise anticipation for future updates.

A common concern among players is whether the addition of the warbond will create pressure for players to make purchases in order to stay competitive in the game’s PvE meta. However, Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt reassured players that the developers have worked to prevent the game from becoming pay-to-win. Emphasizing a “systems-first” approach to game development, Arrowhead aims to reward experimentation and strategic gameplay rather than monetary investments.

The Cutting Edge Premium warbond presents an array of exciting new features and enhancements for Helldivers 2 players to explore. With unique gadgets, gameplay improvements, and intriguing speculations about future updates, the warbond adds depth and excitement to the Helldivers universe. As players dive into the action with their lightning shotguns and experimental armor, the true test lies in mastering the new gear and conquering the challenges that lie ahead.


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