Exploring the Future of The Last Of Us: Part 3

Naughty Dog’s co-president, Neil Druckmann, has recently hinted at the concept of The Last Of Us: Part 3. While this doesn’t confirm the development of a third game in the series, it suggests that there may be more to the story. Druckmann acknowledges that the first game focused on the unconditional love of a parent for their child, while the second game delved into the pursuit of justice at any cost. He believes that there may be another chapter to explore, but whether or not it will come to fruition remains uncertain.

One of the unique aspects of Naughty Dog as a studio is their creative freedom. Druckmann emphasizes that they don’t feel obligated to continue the story of The Last Of Us if there isn’t a passionate drive behind it. They have the privilege of exploring other ideas and projects that inspire their team. While fans may yearn for another installment, Naughty Dog prioritizes following their creative instincts.

For several years, Druckmann admits that he couldn’t find the right concept for a potential third game. However, his perspective recently shifted, and he now has an exciting concept in mind. He describes it as unique and independent, while still maintaining a connection to the previous two games. This newfound concept has sparked hope for the possibility of expanding The Last Of Us universe further.

During the Making-Of feature, Druckmann clarifies his previous comments about a potential story involving Joel Miller’s brother, Tommy, set after the events of The Last Of Us Part 2. Contrary to widespread belief, this story was never intended to be The Last Of Us Part 3 or a full title. Druckmann explains that it was always meant to be a smaller story. Despite being temporarily shelved, he expresses his desire to release it in some form, whether as a game or a show.

Considering Naughty Dog’s history with standalone spin-offs like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, it’s possible that the Tommy story could follow a similar path. Another option could be the continuation of The Last Of Us HBO adaptation, which received critical acclaim. Both these mediums offer unique opportunities to expand the narrative and provide different perspectives within The Last Of Us universe.

Naughty Dog recently canceled The Last Of Us Online, a multiplayer live service offering, to concentrate on single-player narrative games, which have been the studio’s defining feature. While the cancellation disappointed some fans, it highlights the studio’s commitment to maintaining the quality and integrity of their storytelling. This decision also allows them to dedicate their resources towards potential future projects, such as The Last Of Us: Part 3.

It’s an intriguing time to consider a new chapter in The Last Of Us franchise. Druckmann’s exploration of the theme “justice at any cost” in Part 2 was influenced by his experiences growing up in Israel. However, the game is not a direct allegory or commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s important to note that the current situation in the region involving the Israeli invasion of Gaza should be separated from the fictional world of The Last Of Us. The complexities and nuances of real-world conflicts should not overshadow the game’s narrative.

While Neil Druckmann’s recent comments about The Last Of Us: Part 3 suggest the possibility of a new chapter, it’s essential to approach this information with cautious optimism. Naughty Dog’s commitment to creative freedom and prioritizing their passion projects ensures that any potential continuation of The Last Of Us universe will be a result of genuine inspiration. Fans can look forward to future announcements and hope for the opportunity to embark on another unforgettable journey in this remarkable franchise.


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