Exciting New Update for Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors has just received an exciting new update known as the Space-54 update. This update brings with it a variety of new content, including two new characters, four new weapons, a new relic, and a new bonus stage. These additions are sure to add even more excitement and gameplay variety to the already popular game.

One interesting detail about the Space-54 update is that it is dedicated to the game’s former engine, Phaser. Developer poncle explained that Phaser was the original framework used to create Vampire Survivors and played a crucial role in the game’s development. The developer expressed their appreciation for Phaser by dedicating an entire update to it, showcasing the importance of the engine in the game’s creation.

One of the most significant features of the Space-54 update is the introduction of cross-save support between Steam and Android for the Steam public beta branch. This new functionality allows players to seamlessly transfer their progress between different platforms, providing greater flexibility and accessibility. Poncle has also provided a detailed FAQ to guide players on how to utilize cross-save, how it functions, and any limitations it may have. Notably, DLC content may not be accessible on all platforms, highlighting the complexities of cross-platform gameplay.

Despite the exciting additions to Vampire Survivors, Poncle revealed that implementing cross-platform DLC poses significant challenges. The developer acknowledged the complexity of trying to enable players to purchase DLC in one place and access it on any platform, describing it as a bureaucratic challenge. While this feature may be difficult to implement, the developer remains dedicated to exploring ways to enhance the player experience in the future.

In addition to the major updates, Poncle also delighted fans with a humorous Vampire Survivors trailer parodying the original teaser trailer for Final Fantasy VII. This playful gesture showcases the developer’s sense of humor and their willingness to engage with the community in creative ways. These fun surprises add an extra layer of enjoyment for players and demonstrate the developer’s commitment to keeping the game fresh and engaging.

Overall, the Space-54 update for Vampire Survivors introduces a wealth of new content and features that enhance the gameplay experience for all players. From new characters and weapons to cross-save support and funny trailers, this update has something for everyone to enjoy. Players can look forward to diving into the new content and exploring all the exciting additions that the Space-54 update has to offer.


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