EA Denies Dead Space 2 Remake Claims

Recently, industry gossip suggested that EA was working on a Dead Space 2 remake, following the success of the original survival horror game’s return. However, EA has denied these claims, stating that there is no validity to the story. This denial comes after reports that the sequel was not even considered for development, despite the positive reception of the first remake.

According to Jeff Grubb, the Dead Space 2 remake was in the pre-production phase at EA Motive before being halted due to underwhelming sales of the first game. Grubb stated that the developers were actively working on the sequel remake before ultimately putting it on the shelf. This decision was made based on the lack of sales for the original Dead Space remake, despite its critical acclaim.

The cancellation of the Dead Space 2 remake coincides with EA Motive’s shift towards working on the Battlefield series and an Iron Man game. The studio is set to become a two-project team, with these games being their sole focus for the time being. This move highlights a change in direction for the developers, as they move away from the Dead Space franchise.

Player Interest

Last year, EA conducted a survey to gauge player interest in a potential remake of Dead Space 2 and its third installment. The response from players was apparently not significant enough to convince the publisher to proceed with the project. Despite the positive reception of the first remake, it seems that there was not enough demand for further remakes in the series.

In a review of the Dead Space remake, it was described as a luxuriously improved version of Visceral’s horror classic. The attention to detail and care put into the remake was evident, with the game being praised for its enhancements and upgrades. However, with the cancellation of the Dead Space 2 remake, fans of the series may be disappointed by the missed opportunity for a modernized version of the beloved sequel.

While the prospect of a Dead Space 2 remake was exciting for fans of the franchise, EA’s denial of these claims has put an end to those hopes. The decision to halt development on the remake highlights the challenges of reviving old titles in a new era of gaming. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see what projects EA Motive focuses on next and whether they will revisit the Dead Space series in the future.


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