E-Bike Review: Cowboy’s New Cross Model

Cowboy, a well-established maker of sophisticated e-bikes, has recently introduced its latest model – the Cross e-bike. This new release is aimed at providing riders with a versatile option that can handle various terrains and offer a comfortable riding experience. With features such as fat tires, built-in suspension systems, and a powerful battery, the Cross seems to be a promising addition to Cowboy’s lineup.

Having spent some time test riding the Cross e-bike, it’s evident that Cowboy has put a lot of thought into designing a bike that performs well in different environments. The seat suspension, the front fork suspension, and the wider tires all contribute to making the ride smooth and stable. Despite its weight, the Cross handles well on pavement, dirt, and gravel, making it suitable for both urban commutes and leisurely rides in the countryside.

One aspect that stands out about the Cross e-bike is its design and color options. The metallic satin paint colors, including dark gray, mossy green, and a unique “mushroom” shade, give the bike a stylish and modern look. The top tube on the frame adds an interesting visual element, making the Cross visually appealing and distinctive. The choice between a step-over or step-through frame also caters to different rider preferences.

In terms of features and technology, Cowboy has equipped the Cross with a range of tools to enhance the riding experience. The bike is powered by a belt-driven 250W rear-hub motor, providing pedal assistance up to a maximum speed of 25km/h. The removable 540Wh battery offers a decent range of 120km, making it suitable for longer rides. Additionally, the inclusion of a self-diagnostic tool and a gamification feature in the app showcases Cowboy’s commitment to innovation.

At an initial price of €3,499 (around $3,800), the Cross e-bike offers good value for money considering its features and capabilities. However, as with most products, the price is expected to rise to €3,999 after the launch period. Sales for the Cross e-bike have already begun, giving riders the opportunity to experience the latest offering from Cowboy.

Overall, the Cross e-bike from Cowboy presents a compelling option for riders looking for a versatile and well-designed electric bike. With its blend of performance, technology, and aesthetics, the Cross is a solid addition to Cowboy’s range of e-bikes.


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