Cyan Worlds Announces Real-Time 3D Remake of Riven

Cyan Worlds has recently revealed their plans to release a new version of Riven, the sequel to the popular adventure game Myst. This time, the game will feature a real-time 3D environment, allowing players to explore the world of Riven in a more immersive way than ever before. The game will be compatible with VR headsets as well as traditional screens, giving players the option to experience the game in different ways.

Unlike Myst, which has seen multiple remasters and re-releases over the years, Riven has remained relatively untouched since its original release in 1997. With this new remake, Cyan Worlds is aiming to bring the game into the modern era, with updated graphics, expanded storylines, and new puzzles to solve. The addition of 3D exploration will allow players to move freely through the game world, rather than being limited to pre-rendered screens and fixed angles.

Interestingly, a group of dedicated Riven fans had been working on an unofficial remake of the game for over a decade, known as The Starry Expanse Project. However, their efforts came to a halt when Cyan Worlds announced their own remake of Riven. Despite this, Cyan Worlds has stated that they have integrated some of the fans’ work into their own project, reaching an agreement that allowed them to reference key elements of the fan remake. They have even hired a member of the Starry Expanse team to work on the official remake.

Cyan Worlds has not been without controversy in recent years, as their 2023 game Firmament drew criticism for its use of AI in development. The company defended their use of AI, clarifying that it was not solely responsible for the game’s creation but rather played a supporting role in the development process. Despite this, some backers of the game were disappointed by the lack of transparency regarding the use of AI.

Riven: The Sequel To The Myst Remake is set to be released on Steam and GOG later this year, offering fans of the original game a chance to experience Riven in a whole new way. With the success of this remake, it begs the question of whether other classic games in the Myst franchise will also receive the same treatment. Perhaps we will soon see a revival of Pyst, the humorous parody game featuring FMV sequences with actor John Goodman.

Cyan Worlds’ announcement of the Riven remake is an exciting development for fans of the original game. With updated graphics, new gameplay elements, and collaboration with dedicated fans, the remake promises to bring a beloved classic into the modern gaming landscape. While not without its share of controversy, Cyan Worlds continues to push the boundaries of game development, ushering in a new era of innovation and creativity in the industry.


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