Crisis at New World Interactive: Layoffs and Restructuring Amidst Financial Struggles

The gaming industry has been no stranger to the turbulence caused by mismanagement and reckless acquisitions. In the latest wave of unfortunate events, New World Interactive, the developers behind Insurgency, find themselves facing a crisis. As part of the ongoing efforts by parent company Embracer Group to mitigate debts, New World Interactive has announced layoffs and a cancellation of an unannounced project.

New World Interactive’s direct corporate parent, Saber Interactive, confirmed the restructuring process that has resulted in job cuts within the studio. While the exact number of affected employees remains undisclosed, the impact is undoubtedly significant. Saber Interactive has stated that they are exploring the possibility of relocating the affected staff members to other positions within the wider Saber organization. Additionally, those affected will be provided with severance packages as a form of reassurance during this challenging period.

Cancelled Project and Future Endeavors

As a consequence of the restructuring, one of New World Interactive’s projects has been discontinued. However, the studio’s flagship military shooter, Insurgency: Sandstorm, will continue to be developed alongside other undisclosed games. It is promising to see that not all projects are being abandoned, as the industry often suffers from the loss of potentially groundbreaking titles due to financial hardships.

Embracer Group’s Troubles

Embracer Group, the parent company of New World Interactive, has also been grappling with significant debt burdens. Following a spree of acquisitions that encompassed over 200 game development projects, the Embracer Group found itself in dire financial straits. This resulted in them having to lay off more than 900 employees during the summer. The collapse of a $2 billion investment deal further compounded their difficulties, leading to a series of necessary “restructurings” across their portfolio.

Affected Studios and Denials

Among the casualties of Embracer Group’s financial struggles were the closure of Volition, the renowned creators of Red Faction, and significant staff reductions at Fishlabs, the studio behind Chorus. New World Interactive is the latest addition to the list of affected studios. These developments have fueled rumors of the company’s potential closure, which Saber Interactive has explicitly denied. Despite the setbacks, the statement from Saber Interactive suggests that efforts will be made to weather the storm and keep the studio operational.

The Legacy of New World Interactive

New World Interactive, founded in 2010, initially made a name for itself as a group of modders working with Valve’s Source Engine. They gained recognition through their Source conversion, Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, before subsequently expanding it into a standalone game. The critical success of Insurgency in 2014 propelled the studio forward. Insurgency: Sandstorm, released in 2018, received acclaim for its immersive gameplay and exceptional sound design—a testament to the talent within New World Interactive.

As the New World Interactive team copes with these unfortunate circumstances, we extend our best wishes to those affected by the layoffs. The gaming industry is no stranger to challenges, but with resilience and determination, developers can continue to create extraordinary experiences for players worldwide. Let us hope that New World Interactive can navigate these troubled waters and emerge stronger on the other side.


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