BallisticNG: A Worthy Successor to Wipeout?

The gaming industry has always strived to recreate the magic of classic, stylish, mid-’90s antigrav racer Wipeout. In 2018, a game called BallisticNG emerged as a promising contender, aiming to capture the essence of its predecessor. Now, five years later, BallisticNG has evolved into a fully-fledged experience, continuously updated by its developers, Neognosis. With the recent release on GOG, BallisticNG is garnering attention once again. But is it truly living up to the legacy of Wipeout?

Unlike its competitors, BallisticNG boasts an impressive array of features. The game’s trailer proudly showcases its VR support, mod support, diverse community content, and varied game modes. These aspects contribute to an immersive and customizable racing experience. Furthermore, players on Valve’s handheld device, the Steam Deck, report seamless performance, despite the absence of official verification.

Recently, the game received update 1.3.3, bringing significant improvements. The patch notes highlight a complete revamp of the section tracking system, allowing for the creation of more intricate and complex race layouts. Additionally, the update introduces new accessibility options, refreshing official tracks, and support for GOG Galaxy. This update coincides with the game’s release on the GOG store, where it is available at the same price as on Steam (£9.19/$12/€10).

The developers have also announced another update, 1.4, which aims to provide the final polish for BallisticNG. This update will primarily focus on enhancing physics and refining the mod handling system. Although future updates will mainly consist of additional content and maintenance, the team at Neognosis is content with BallisticNG’s current state and eagerly anticipates embarking on a new project in the near future.

While BallisticNG showcases commendable progress, the question remains: Does it truly live up to the status of a worthy Wipeout successor?

One aspect that firmly places BallisticNG in the running is its ability to capture the exhilarating speed and intense gameplay that made its predecessor so beloved. The developers have managed to recreate the chunky polygonal style reminiscent of the PlayStation 1-era, effectively evoking nostalgia while incorporating modern gaming elements.

Furthermore, the inclusion of VR support and modding capabilities significantly extends the game’s replayability. By allowing players to customize their experience and providing a platform for community creations, BallisticNG encourages longevity and player engagement.

However, it is important to consider the limitations of BallisticNG as well. While its updates have consistently introduced new features and refinements, the ultimate question lies in the game’s long-term sustainability. As development shifts towards a new project, players may be concerned about the future support and content updates for BallisticNG.

Nevertheless, BallisticNG stands as a testament to the dedication of its developers and their commitment to delivering an exciting racing experience. Whether it can establish itself as the true successor to Wipeout remains to be seen, but it undeniably offers a thrilling and enjoyable alternative for fans of the antigrav racing genre.

The Future of BallisticNG

As developers Neognosis prepare to move on to their next project, fans can only hope that they will explore new opportunities to revive other forgotten, stylish games from the PSone-era. The gaming landscape is ripe with untapped potential, waiting to be resurrected and embraced by a new generation of players.

BallisticNG presents a respectable attempt at capturing the essence of classic antigrav racing games. Its commitment to constant updates and the inclusion of features like VR support and modding capabilities make it a game worth exploring. While it may not completely overshadow the legacy of Wipeout, it provides an enjoyable and nostalgia-inducing experience for fans of the genre. As we eagerly await the future projects of Neognosis, let us appreciate the achievements of BallisticNG and its place in the world of retro-inspired gaming.


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