Asobo Studio Teaming Up with Focus Entertainment for a New Project

In an exciting announcement, Asobo Studio, the renowned Bordeaux-based developer, has revealed that they are working on a “new” and “major” project in collaboration with Focus Entertainment, the publisher of A Plague Tale: Innocence. This collaboration is expected to build upon the success of their previous partnership and the A Plague Tale franchise, which reached an impressive three million players worldwide with its latest release, A Plague Tale Requiem.

Given the history and success of the A Plague Tale franchise, it is highly likely that this new project is related to it. Could we be eagerly anticipating A Plague Tale 3, with possible titles such as A Plague Tale: Revengeance or A Plague Tale: 40,000? While nothing has been confirmed yet, the signs point to a continuation of this riveting and acclaimed series.

Adding more fuel to the speculation, Asobo Studio recently posted job listings on LinkedIn for positions on their “Plague Team.” This strengthens the notion that they are indeed working on a new Plague Tale game rather than venturing into other unknown territories or genres. It is commendable to see Asobo Studio’s commitment to nurturing and expanding their existing franchises.

For those unfamiliar with the Plague Tale series, the first installment introduced players to a captivating stealth-puzzle adventure set in medieval France. Players took on the roles of two noble children, fleeing from carnivorous rat swarms and the menacing presence of English soldiers. The game received praise for its compelling portrayal of a sibling relationship and its engaging stealth mechanics, although some criticized certain boss battles.

The sequel, A Plague Tale: Requiem, took a grander and darker approach with hauntingly beautiful art direction. However, it faced some criticism for its storytelling, which hindered its overall impact. Should Asobo Studio continue their journey with A Plague Tale, it would be wise for them to critically evaluate and refine the core aspects of the series.

In addition to the Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment collaboration, the investor update also revealed an exciting partnership between Focus and San Francisco-based Afterburner Studios. This partnership will focus on the creation of a new intellectual co-ownership. Though the specifics of this endeavor are not yet clear, Afterburner Studios has previously impressed players and critics alike with their game Dreamscaper, described as a fusion of Hades and Life is Strange. Fans of both studios have high hopes for what this partnership will bring.

Asobo Studio’s upcoming project in collaboration with Focus Entertainment shows great promise. With their proven track record and creativity, it is safe to say that fans of the A Plague Tale series and gaming enthusiasts in general are eagerly awaiting more details about this upcoming game. In the meantime, we can only hope that Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment will utilize this collaboration to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience that surpasses our expectations.


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