Ask FT: The Financial Times’ New Generative AI Chatbot

The Financial Times has recently introduced a new generative AI chatbot called Ask FT, which aims to provide subscribers with answers to their queries. This innovative tool differs from other generalized AI bots by offering curated natural language answers based on the outlet’s extensive archive of published information. In this article, we will explore the functionality of Ask FT and its potential impact on user experience.

Ask FT leverages decades of content from the Financial Times to generate responses to a wide range of questions. Unlike traditional AI bots that rely on various sources, Ask FT ensures that the answers are derived from reliable and credible information. For instance, when asked about the individual responsible for Microsoft’s AI products, the chatbot provided an up-to-date response referencing recent news about the hiring of Mustafa Suleyman.

While Ask FT offers valuable insights, there have been instances of inconsistencies in its responses. During testing, the tool incorrectly included information about Nikki Haley in a query related to the 2024 US presidential election, despite her withdrawal from the race. This highlights the importance of continuously refining and updating the chatbot’s database to ensure accuracy.

Currently, Ask FT is accessible to a limited number of paid subscribers in the FT Professional tier, which caters to business professionals and institutions. The chatbot, powered by Claude, a large language model developed by Anthropic, offers responses to a diverse range of questions, from current events to broader inquiries. The FT team remains open to exploring alternative models that align with their requirements for providing reliable information.

In a comparative analysis with similar AI tools deployed by digital outlets like Macworld, PCWorld, and Tech Advisor, Ask FT stands out for its accuracy and effectiveness. While previous tools may have yielded inaccurate results, Ask FT demonstrates a commitment to quality and reliability in information delivery. This commitment is underscored by the FT chief product officer manager Lindsey Jayne, who emphasizes the importance of continuous evolution and meeting user expectations.

As Ask FT continues to evolve and expand its user base, there is immense potential for enhancing the user experience and providing valuable insights drawn from the Financial Times archives. By tracking user feedback and refining the chatbot’s responses, the FT team aims to create a seamless and informative platform for subscribers. While access to Ask FT may be limited at present, its potential to revolutionize information retrieval and knowledge sharing is promising.

Ask FT represents an innovative approach to utilizing AI technology for delivering curated information to subscribers. With a strong emphasis on accuracy, reliability, and user experience, this chatbot has the potential to become a valuable resource for individuals seeking insights from the Financial Times’ extensive archive. As the FT team continues to refine and enhance Ask FT, we can expect a more immersive and engaging user experience in the future.


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