Apple’s Apology Over iPad Pro Commercial Backlash

Apple recently faced backlash over a commercial intended to promote its latest iPad Pro. The ad, titled “Crush!”, sparked criticism from the creative community for its portrayal of destroying artistic elements like a piano, record player, and paint under a hydraulic press, with only an iPad Pro remaining at the end. The company’s marketing vice president, Tor Myhren, issued an apology, acknowledging that they “missed the mark” and expressing a commitment to celebrating creativity.

The commercial, which was meant to showcase the creative possibilities of the iPad Pro, instead elicited negative reactions from prominent figures in the creative industry. Hugh Grant described it as a “destruction of human experience,” suggesting that the ad failed to capture the essence of creativity and innovation. Similarly, Reed Morano, director of the Handmaid’s Tale, urged Apple’s CEO Tim Cook to “read the room” in response to the commercial.

In a statement to Ad Age, Tor Myhren emphasized Apple’s dedication to fostering creativity and empowering users to express themselves through their products. He acknowledged the misstep in the commercial and extended a heartfelt apology to those who were offended by its content. Myhren’s words reflected a sense of accountability and a willingness to learn from the feedback provided by the creative community.

The backlash faced by Apple over the iPad Pro commercial highlights the importance of aligning marketing strategies with the values and expectations of the target audience. The creative community, known for its appreciation of authenticity and originality, was quick to criticize the ad for its lack of sensitivity towards artistic expression. This incident serves as a reminder to brands about the potential consequences of missing the mark in their advertising campaigns.

By acknowledging the criticism and issuing a public apology, Apple demonstrated a willingness to listen to feedback and take corrective action. The company’s response reflected a commitment to upholding its reputation as a champion of creativity and innovation. Moving forward, Apple may seek to collaborate more closely with the creative community to ensure that its marketing efforts resonate authentically with their values and aspirations.

Apple’s apology over the iPad Pro commercial backlash serves as a valuable lesson in the importance of understanding and respecting the perspectives of diverse audiences. The incident underscores the need for brands to approach advertising with empathy and sensitivity, particularly when targeting creative communities. By responding thoughtfully to feedback and striving to align their messaging with the values of their audience, companies can strengthen their relationships and build trust with consumers.


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