Apple Allows Epic Games to Develop Competing European App Store After Initial Feud

Apple made a significant decision on Friday to permit Epic Games to create a rival European app store for iPhones following a dispute between the two companies that put a new law governing big tech in Europe to the test. An Apple representative shared that after discussions with Epic, the game developer has agreed to comply with the regulations, including the Digital Markets Act (DMA) policies. Consequently, Epic Sweden AB has been granted permission to re-sign the developer agreement and has been admitted into the Apple Developer Program.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, describing it as a triumph for European rule of law, the European Commission, and the freedom of developers globally to voice their opinions. Earlier in the week, Epic Games informed the EU commission that Apple had rejected its proposal to establish an app store for its video game empire. This rejection prompted Apple to close Epic’s Sweden-based developer account on March 2, which had enabled the company to create the required software for launching standalone stores on Apple devices in Europe.

Apple has been engaged in a longstanding battle with Epic Games, as well as Google, over access to their app stores. Epic Games has taken legal action against both tech giants, asserting that they should allow competing app stores on iPhones and Android devices and reduce the substantial fees levied on purchases made through their platforms. Such demands were integrated into the DMA’s extensive list of requirements for gatekeepers, which went into effect on Thursday.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, welcomed Apple’s decision to reverse its stance on excluding Epic Games. He expressed his contentment with the concrete outcomes emerging from the implementation of the DMA, emphasizing the progress achieved in just two days since the law came into effect. Sweeney had criticized Apple’s actions, likening them to medieval lords displaying the skulls of their adversaries on their abode to deter others from speaking up.

Overall, the resolution of the conflict between Apple and Epic Games signifies a significant development in the regulation of big tech companies in Europe and underscores the importance of upholding fair competition and allowing room for innovation within the digital marketplace.


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