Analysis of X’s New Display Feature for Increased Reach

X (formerly Twitter) is currently experimenting with a new display feature that aims to ensure users’ pinned posts are shown to their followers via a dedicated breakout display in-stream. While the concept of highlighting best posts by pinning them is intriguing, it remains to be seen how effective this new display will be in increasing overall user engagement. The idea behind the new feature is to facilitate broader reach for users who choose to utilize it. However, the non-intuitive, side-scrolling unit may present challenges in terms of visibility, particularly for users who follow a large number of profiles.

Elon Musk’s Involvement in the Concept

The concept of displaying pinned posts to followers was suggested by X owner Elon Musk, who hinted at changes in the recommendation algorithm to ensure visibility for such posts. Musk’s vision for the feature is that all followers would see the pinned posts of the profiles they follow. However, the practicality of this approach may be limited, given the need for followers to actively scroll through the new display unit to view pinned posts.

X’s own data shows that only a small percentage of users (20%) post content on the platform, which could diminish the potential impact of the new display feature. Additionally, the competition for space in the display units could be high, depending on how many profiles each follower follows. This could potentially limit the reach and traction that users can achieve through the feature.

While the new display feature may not be a game-changer for general users, it could hold potential for those seeking to increase their reach and engagement on X. For users who post regularly on the platform and are looking for growth strategies, experimenting with the new display feature could be worthwhile. However, the effectiveness of the feature may vary depending on individual usage patterns and follower interactions.

X’s new display feature has the potential to offer users an additional avenue for increasing visibility and engagement on the platform. While the concept of highlighting pinned posts is promising, the practical implications of the feature remain to be seen. For users seeking to boost their reach and traction on X, the new display feature could be a valuable addition to their posting strategy. As X continues to test and refine the feature, it will be interesting to see how users respond and whether it becomes a significant element in the platform’s user experience.

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