Analysis of Tesla’s First Quarter 2024 Report

Tesla recently released its first-quarter vehicle production and delivery report for 2024. The report showed a decrease in deliveries compared to the previous year and the fourth quarter of 2023. This decline has raised concerns among investors and analysts regarding the company’s performance and future prospects.

The total deliveries for Q1 2024 were reported to be 386,810, while total production stood at 433,371 vehicles. These numbers represent an 8.5% decrease in deliveries compared to the same quarter in the previous year and a 20% decrease from the fourth quarter of 2023. Although vehicle production declined by 1.7% year over year and 12.5% sequentially, Tesla still managed to produce a significant number of vehicles during the quarter.

While Tesla did not provide a detailed breakdown of sales by model, the report mentioned that the company produced 412,376 Model 3/Y cars and delivered 369,783 of them. Additionally, Tesla produced 20,995 of its other models and delivered 17,027. These numbers indicate a specific focus on the production and delivery of the Model 3 and Model Y cars during the first quarter of 2024.

Analysts’ expectations for Tesla’s first-quarter deliveries varied significantly. The company’s actual deliveries fell below even the lowest analyst estimate, with expectations ranging from 414,000 to 511,000 deliveries. Independent researcher Troy Teslike had predicted deliveries to be around 409,000, showcasing the unpredictability of Tesla’s performance in the market.

Tesla faced numerous challenges during the first quarter of 2024, impacting its production and delivery numbers. Issues such as production ramp-up delays for the updated Model 3, factory shutdowns due to external conflicts like the Red Sea dispute, and environmental disruptions at the Gigafactory in Berlin all contributed to the decline in volumes. Competition from domestic EV makers in China and mixed reviews for new models also added to Tesla’s challenges.

The overall impact of these challenges was reflected in Tesla’s stock performance, with shares dropping by 29% in the first quarter. The decline marked the largest drop since the end of 2022 and the third-steepest quarterly plunge since the company’s IPO in 2010. Furthermore, the company’s decision to offer discounts and incentives did not seem to have the desired effect on driving sales volume, indicating a shift in consumer demand and market dynamics.

Tesla’s first-quarter 2024 report highlights the various challenges faced by the company in terms of production, delivery, and sales performance. The unpredictability of the market, coupled with external factors affecting production, has raised concerns among investors and analysts. Tesla’s upcoming earnings call scheduled for April 23 will provide further insights into the company’s financial performance and future prospects.


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