Analysis of Dyson’s CleanTrace Feature

Dyson has introduced a new feature called CleanTrace that utilizes the augmented reality sensors in smartphones to track vacuuming progress. The feature, available only on the Gen5detect model, allows users to attach their smartphones to the vacuum using a clamp to visualize the areas they have vacuumed. This feature aims to address the common issue of users missing spots while vacuuming and inefficiently overcleaning certain areas.

Currently, the Gen5detect is priced at $1,000, and the smartphone clamp will be sold separately, with the cost still unspecified. Dyson plans to release the CleanTrace feature as a free update to its mobile app in June. While the feature is innovative, the cost of the vacuum and the additional clamp may be prohibitive for some consumers.

Dyson claims that the CleanTrace feature was developed in response to the observation that consumers tend to be inconsistent and inefficient in their cleaning habits. The company gathered data from its products over the years to identify common cleaning patterns and areas of improvement. While robot vacuums inspired the idea behind CleanTrace, Dyson acknowledges that manual vacuums are still necessary for thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

Despite the advanced technology of CleanTrace, there are limitations to consider. The Gen5detect already has features like a green headlight to reveal dirt and debris, making one question the necessity of an additional visual aid. Additionally, it is unclear whether the app integrates data from the vacuum itself to confirm thorough cleaning.

While Dyson’s CleanTrace feature is innovative, there is room for improvement and expansion. The feature currently only works with the Gen5detect model, leaving other Dyson vacuum owners without access to this technology. Furthermore, there is potential for third-party developers to create similar AR apps for a wider range of vacuum brands, utilizing customizable guides for users.

While Dyson’s CleanTrace feature is a step towards more efficient and effective cleaning, there are cost and accessibility considerations to address. The technology has the potential for further development and integration with a wider range of vacuum models, providing users with enhanced cleaning capabilities and peace of mind.


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