Analysis of Apple’s Appeal to the Federal Circuit regarding Apple Watch Ban

Apple has recently filed an appeal to the Federal Circuit in response to the International Trade Commission’s ban on the sale of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. This ban was imposed due to allegations that Apple had infringed upon pulse oximetry patents owned by medical device-maker Masimo. The appeal, consisting of 916 pages, raises several critical points challenging the ITC’s decision.

Apple’s appeal argues that at the time Masimo filed the complaint with the ITC, the company did not have a smartwatch in production. Masimo’s W1 smartwatch was launched in 2022, a year after the complaint was filed. Furthermore, Apple claims that Masimo only provided CAD drawings as evidence, which may not meet the criteria of a tangible “article” as specified by the ITC’s jurisdiction.

One of the key arguments in Apple’s appeal is regarding the existence of a domestic industry harmed by the alleged patent infringement. The appeal brief challenges the notion that Masimo, primarily known for clinical pulse oximeters, had a sufficient smartwatch industry at the time of the complaint. This raises doubts about the legitimacy of the ban imposed by the ITC.

Apple expresses concerns about the broader implications of upholding the ban on Apple Watch sales. The company fears that allowing such decisions to stand could set a precedent for other companies to utilize similar strategies to target Apple and potentially other tech giants. The appeal highlights the risk of opening the door for frivolous complaints based on creativity and CAD software rather than genuine patent infringement.

AliveCor’s Similar Case

The appeal also references another medical tech company, AliveCor, which has filed a complaint with the ITC regarding Apple’s alleged infringement of its EKG tech. Like Masimo, AliveCor has been granted an import ban against Apple Watches. However, AliveCor is currently appealing a ruling that questions the patentability of its technology. This case further complicates the landscape of patent disputes in the wearable tech industry.

Apple’s appeal to the Federal Circuit raises crucial questions about the legitimacy of the ban imposed by the ITC on Apple Watch sales. By challenging Masimo’s evidence, the existence of a domestic industry, and the potential implications of upholding the ban, Apple seeks to overturn the decision and protect its position in the market. The outcome of this appeal will have significant implications for future patent disputes in the wearable tech industry.


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