Amazon adds discounted One Medical memberships to Prime program

Amazon is expanding its popular Prime subscription program with a new benefit that offers discounted One Medical memberships. Prime members will now have the opportunity to sign up for One Medical at a substantially reduced rate, providing them with easier access to quality healthcare services. This initiative comes after Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical in July 2022 for approximately $3.9 billion.

By integrating One Medical into its Prime membership service, Amazon aims to improve the overall customer experience and promote better health outcomes. Prime members can now join One Medical for $9 per month or $99 per year, significantly less than the usual cost of $199 annually or $16.59 per month. Additionally, Prime members have the option to add up to five additional memberships on the same plan for just $6 per person. This discounted pricing makes healthcare more accessible and affordable for a wider range of individuals.

One Medical operates a network of boutique primary-care practices, primarily in major cities across the United States. Through the One Medical app, users can conveniently access care from a doctor and schedule virtual or in-person appointments. This technology-driven approach aligns with Amazon’s commitment to leveraging digital solutions to enhance customer experiences in various sectors, including healthcare.

Over the years, Amazon has continuously expanded its Prime membership program to attract and retain subscribers. Originally offering free two-day shipping, the service now includes access to exclusive movies, TV shows, and a range of other perks. With the addition of the One Medical benefit, Amazon is not only aiming to increase Prime sign-ups but also deepen its presence in the healthcare industry.

Amazon has been working to establish itself in the healthcare market for some time. In 2018, it acquired PillPack, a prescription drug company, for approximately $750 million. The recent integration of One Medical further strengthens its healthcare offering, providing a more comprehensive healthcare solution to its customers. Although Amazon Care, its telehealth service, was recently discontinued as part of cost-cutting measures, the company continues to explore opportunities in the virtual health space.

Amazon’s addition of discounted One Medical memberships to its Prime program showcases the company’s commitment to expanding its healthcare offerings. By providing access to affordable healthcare solutions, Amazon aims to make it easier for individuals to prioritize their health and achieve better outcomes. As Amazon continues to innovate and invest in the healthcare sector, it is likely to play an increasingly influential role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.


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