A Step Forward or Too Little, Too Late? Starfield’s Latest Update

Starfield, Bethesda’s highly-anticipated space-themed RPG, has released its “largest update to date” with promises of bug fixes and lighting improvements. While the update has been available to PC players on Steam for a while, it has now been rolled out to all Starfield players. With the hope of addressing major issues and enhancing gameplay experience, this update has generated mixed reactions amongst the gaming community.

The patch notes highlight numerous bug fixes that have plagued the game since its release. Although the update has been primarily focused on fixing existing problems rather than introducing new features, it sets the stage for future patches which are expected to bring more substantial improvements. One notable highlight is the lighting enhancements, including tweaks to the character generation menu. Players can now expect a smoother and more visually appealing start to their interstellar adventure. Moreover, improvements in character skin and cloth shadows, water reflections, and planet ring shadows are expected to enhance the overall graphical experience.

One area that many players have eagerly anticipated improvement in is the visual quality of non-playable characters (NPCs). Starfield’s NPCs have often been criticized for their uncanny and unsettling appearance. The latest update claims to have addressed this concern by enhancing the eyes and skin of crowd characters. While this improvement is certainly a step in the right direction, only time will tell if it truly rectifies the issue and creates a more immersive gameplay experience.

While the latest update does bring some welcome fixes to long-standing issues, it is important to acknowledge that it falls short of players’ expectations for significant improvements. Many Starfield players have reported encountering serious problems that marred their gameplay, and these issues have seemingly been put on the backburner for now. Bethesda has reiterated their commitment to providing regular updates, promising future patches on a six-week basis throughout 2024. However, players are left wondering if it is too little, too late to salvage their experience with the game.

Late last year, Bethesda shared their plans to introduce city maps, new modes of travel, and more in future updates. While these promises are exciting, the skepticism surrounding Starfield’s current state dampens hope for the game’s future. As one disillusioned player expressed, the problems they faced with the game cannot be resolved by a mere patch. With a multitude of other engaging games competing for players’ attention, it remains uncertain whether Starfield can regain its lost momentum and deliver the experience it initially promised.

Starfield’s latest update attempts to address various gameplay issues and enhance the visual quality of the game. While the lighting improvements and NPC enhancements are steps in the right direction, it is important to acknowledge that the update primarily focuses on fixes rather than significant improvements. The gaming community is cautiously optimistic about the future of Starfield, with hopes that upcoming patches will bring the game closer to its full potential. Whether these updates will be enough to win back disappointed players and rekindle the game’s initial excitement remains to be seen. As gamers eagerly await the next wave of updates, only time will tell if Starfield can rise to the occasion and shine as brightly as the stars it seeks to explore.


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