A Stand-Alone Demo That Packs a Powerful Punch

The Steam Next Fest may have come to an end, but the exciting demos it showcased are still available for gamers to enjoy. One such demo is Stand-Alone, a fast-paced 2D hack and slasher that brings a unique twist to the genre. In this game, players control a robotic sheep armed with a massive sword, seeking revenge against a pack of wolves who have attacked and killed its friends.

Diving into the Demo

The Stand-Alone demo offers players an excellent taste of what the game has to offer. From the start, you find yourself navigating through various combat zones, following a linear path displayed on the map. The controls are intuitive and responsive, allowing you to effortlessly engage in combat. The animations are smooth and visually stunning, making each attack and dodge-roll feel satisfying. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the nimble movements of the protagonist in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown. However, it would be even more engaging if there were more attack options, such as a downward strike or an upward sword lift.

As you progress through the demo, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your moveset, allowing you to unleash even more devastating attacks. Shops scattered throughout the game world offer new moves that can be mapped to your controller’s trigger and bumper buttons. Additionally, you’ll come across dedicated upgrade terminals where you can enhance your moves with passive effects and combo skills. This system gives the game a Dead Cells inspired quality, as you can customize your moveset over time by adding various combo skills and passive abilities. It adds an element of strategy and depth to the gameplay, making each playthrough unique.

While the Stand-Alone demo showcases a promising and enjoyable experience, it is important to acknowledge the dedicated efforts of the development team behind it. A quick glimpse into developers Lifuel’s Xwitter feed reveals the immense commitment and sacrifice they have made to bring this game to fruition. They openly discuss working 100-hour weeks for three years, raising concerns about the normalization of crunch in the gaming industry. It is crucial for game developers to prioritize their well-being and foster a healthier work environment.

Despite the concerns surrounding the development process, Stand-Alone has garnered significant attention and anticipation within the gaming community. The captivating gameplay, fluid animations, and immersive world-building make it a game to keep an eye on. While the demo provides a satisfying experience, players can look forward to a more extensive and polished version when the game releases on Steam later this year.

The Stand-Alone demo offers an exciting and unique experience for players to enjoy. With its fast-paced combat, customizable moveset, and visually stunning animations, it has the potential to become a standout title in the hack and slash genre. However, it is crucial for the gaming industry as a whole to address the concerns of crunch and prioritize the well-being of developers. As gamers, we should support and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating these experiences while advocating for healthier practices within the industry.


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