A Review of the Latest Tech Deals

Technology enthusiasts often find themselves overwhelmed with a sea of devices and the corresponding chargers that come with them. However, Anker has introduced a game-changing solution with its 637 Magnetic Charging Station (MagGo). This innovative device serves as both a magnetic charging stand and an 8-in-1 power strip. And the best part? It is currently on sale for an unbeatable price.

At both Amazon and Anker’s online store, the Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is available in white for just $59.99, a substantial $40 off its regular price. If black is your preferred color, you can grab it from Anker’s store for $10 more. This discounted price makes the device an attractive option for those seeking both convenience and affordability.

The Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station features a magnetic Qi charger capable of providing up to 7.5W of power to MagSafe-equipped iPhones. In addition to wireless charging, this versatile device boasts two USB-C ports and four USB-A ports, providing a combined power output of 65W. With this level of power, it is even possible to charge a smaller MacBook Pro.

Moreover, the charging station includes three AC ports, allowing users to simultaneously power various devices ranging from tablets and external monitors to desk lamps. This convenience is further enhanced by the fact that the Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station is only half the price of its newer counterpart, the MagGo Magnetic Charging Station, which may offer faster Qi2 speeds but at a significantly higher cost.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Amazon is cutting prices on a wide range of smart speakers and displays. Among the discounted products is the third-generation Echo Show 8, which is currently available for an all-time low price of $89.99, a generous $80 off the regular price. To sweeten the deal even further, purchases of the Echo Show 8 include a free Sengled smart bulb.

These latest models of the Echo Show 8 offer an array of capabilities. Not only do they function as exceptional Alexa-enabled smart displays, but they can also serve as Matter controllers, Zigbee hubs, and Thread border routers. The upgraded sound quality and support for up to four widgets on the eight-inch touchscreen further enhance the user experience.

With an Echo Show 8, users can enjoy features such as playing music, streaming shows, and making video calls to other Echo devices. The smart display even adapts its homescreen based on the user’s proximity, providing a more personalized experience. These discounts make it the perfect time to upgrade your smart home setup or surprise your loved one with the gift of convenience and entertainment.

For those seeking high-quality noise-canceling headphones, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra offers an excellent option. As the successor to the highly acclaimed Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, the QuietComfort Ultra boasts a foldable design, a new spatial audio listening mode, and physical controls. Additionally, it offers improved call quality and noise cancellation.

Currently, the Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones are available for an all-time low price of $379. Amazon, Best Buy, and Bose’s official website are all running this incredible deal, making it the perfect time to invest in a pair of top-of-the-line headphones. The combination of style, comfort, and outstanding sound quality is truly unparalleled.

An Ideal Streaming Companion with Nvidia Shield TV

Gamers and streaming enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Amazon and Best Buy are currently offering the Nvidia Shield TV at a discounted price of $129.99. This powerful Android TV box is highly regarded as one of the best streaming devices on the market, thanks to its support for GeForce Now and its exceptional 4K upscaling capabilities.

If you’re looking for even more functionality, the Shield TV Pro is available for $179.99, offering additional features such as the ability to act as a Plex media server and a smart home hub. Whether you opt for the standard model or the Pro version, these discounts make it an ideal time to enhance your entertainment setup.

Budget-Friendly Earbuds with Built-In Tracking

Those on a budget who still desire quality audio can take advantage of Woot’s sale on Skullcandy’s Dime 2 earbuds. Priced at just $14.99, these second-generation earbuds offer decent sound, IPX4 water resistance, and built-in Tile tracking. Although they may lack advanced features like active noise cancellation or wireless charging, their affordable price point makes them an attractive option for everyday use.

If you’re looking to add intelligence to your home without breaking the bank, consider the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25). Amazon is currently offering a four-pack of these energy-monitoring plugs for just $22.98 when you clip the on-page coupon. While they do not support the new Matter standard, they are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to effortlessly control lights and other traditional gadgets.

Unlock Your Imagination with Lego

For those with a creative flair, Lego’s Tales of the Space Age set offers an opportunity to unleash your imagination. Inspired by 1980s sci-fi films and books, this set includes 688 Lego bricks that can be used to construct spacecraft and various celestial bodies, including Ursa Major, Cepheus, and popular constellations. Currently priced at $43.05 on Amazon and Walmart, this sale provides an excellent opportunity to add a touch of space-themed decor to your home.

These tech deals offer a wide range of options for individuals seeking convenience, entertainment, and improved productivity. Whether you’re in need of a versatile charging station, smart speakers and displays, noise-canceling headphones, a powerful streaming device, budget-friendly earbuds, smart plugs, or Lego sets, now is the perfect time to make your purchases. Take advantage of these discounts and elevate your tech game today.


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