A New Era of Personalized Assistance: Intuit Launches Intuit Assist

Intuit, a renowned financial software company, has revolutionized the customer experience by launching its latest innovation, Intuit Assist. This groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) assistant is designed to generate personalized answers and insights for users. By leveraging the power of generative AI, Intuit Assist has the ability to understand natural language queries and respond with clear and accurate sentences. Unlike other generative AI bots, Intuit Assist ensures the accuracy of its responses by relying on real data, eliminating the risk of misinformation or “hallucination” challenges. Furthermore, this intelligent assistant offers a wide range of functionalities such as creating invoices, sending reminders, and optimizing marketing campaigns. Its integration into Intuit’s user interface makes it easily accessible and provides users with a seamless experience.

Intuit Assist is a culmination of years of intensive research and development conducted by Intuit’s skilled engineering and data science teams. This cutting-edge AI assistant represents the visible output of Intuit’s commitment to providing value to its massive customer base of over 100 million small businesses and consumers. Through extensive experimentation with generative AI over the past two years, Intuit has garnered invaluable insights and expertise in the field. The accelerated pace at which Intuit has embraced AI technology sets an example for other enterprise companies seeking success in this domain.

What sets Intuit apart from its competitors is the sophisticated infrastructure and tools it has developed to support its AI applications. Intuit has built an orchestration layer called GenOS, which acts as an operating system for AI. This powerful system abstracts processes for engineers, enabling them to build AI applications at scale more easily. GenOS operates at three layers of Intuit’s application runtime, maximizing the potential of the company’s extensive data sets. Firstly, it injects user prompts with customer-specific real-time data, enhancing the intelligence of the prompt itself. Secondly, it leverages Intuit’s custom-made large language model to retrieve accurate answers. Lastly, it ensures the accuracy of the answers by editing them if necessary. With GenOS, Intuit can create customized and context-aware AI models for each product and customer, resulting in a consistent and coherent AI assistant experience.

Empowering Users Across Multiple Platforms

Intuit Assist is not limited to a single product but extends its capabilities across various offerings, enhancing the user experience in unique ways.

TurboTax: Streamlining the Tax Filing Process

For TurboTax users, Intuit Assist acts as an invaluable companion throughout the tax preparation process. With its deep understanding of individual tax situations, Assist seamlessly guides users through each step while applying its knowledge of the tax code, including the latest changes. For example, it can calculate whether a standard deduction or itemizing will yield greater savings. Assist allows users to interact freely, asking questions or using prompted queries. Additionally, it facilitates connections with expert advisors who have their own AI-powered Assist.

Credit Karma: Personalized Financial Guidance

Credit Karma members can harness the power of Intuit Assist to obtain personalized answers to their financial questions. Whether it’s seeking ways to maximize rewards or facing unexpected expenses, Assist offers tailored solutions based on the user’s financial data. It can recommend credit cards that provide rewards specifically suited to the user’s spending habits. In situations such as unexpected expenses, Assist formulates comprehensive plans that include personalized financing options and careful assessments of available choices.

QuickBooks: AI-Driven Insights for Small Businesses

For small businesses relying on QuickBooks, Intuit Assist delivers AI-driven insights based on simple requests or questions. Users can easily retrieve information such as profit and loss statements or the number of overdue invoices. Moreover, Assist actively predicts follow-up questions, providing clear and intelligible responses. It highlights cash flow hot spots, identifies top-selling products, and identifies spending anomalies. Additionally, Assist offers the convenience of generating customized invoice reminders.

Mailchimp: Enhanced Automated Marketing

Intuit Assist brings automation and personalization to small businesses using Mailchimp for marketing purposes. By leveraging data-driven decisions, Assist helps businesses optimize their campaign effectiveness. For instance, it can help a furniture store create a marketing campaign targeted specifically at Gen Z and millennials, using language that appeals to their preferences. Assist even assists with drafting email content by integrating data from QuickBooks, ensuring a seamless experience for the user.

Intuit Assist represents the next stage in personalized assistance by utilizing generative AI to provide accurate and insightful answers to user queries. With a focus on real data and an intuitive user interface, Intuit has successfully integrated this AI assistant into its suite of products to enhance the experience of its small business and consumer customers. The extensive research and development behind Intuit Assist, along with the underlying GenOS infrastructure, position the company as a leader in AI technology. Intuit’s innovative approach serves as inspiration for other enterprises seeking to leverage the power of AI to drive value for their customers.


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