A New Era for WhatsApp: Sharing Status Updates Across Linked Devices

WhatsApp, the popular messaging service owned by Meta, is introducing a groundbreaking update that allows users to share status updates from linked devices. This feature opens up new possibilities for users to post updates from the web version or from their linked ‘companion’ devices.

One of the main highlights of this update is the introduction of “companion mode” for WhatsApp. By enabling this mode, users can access their chats on up to four other devices, even when their primary smartphone is offline. This enhanced connectivity is a significant step forward for WhatsApp, as it provides users with more flexibility and convenience in managing their conversations.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp Web (2.2353.59) comes with an exciting new feature that allows users to share status updates directly from the web client. Upon updating to this beta version, users will notice a green icon next to their profile photo in the Status section. By clicking on this icon, they can choose to upload either photos and videos or text as their status update. This functionality empowers users to engage with their contacts seamlessly and effortlessly on their secondary devices.

Not only can users share status updates via WhatsApp Web, but the same capability will also be extended to companion devices. With the upcoming update to WhatsApp beta for Android (, users will be able to add status updates directly from their linked devices. This expansion of features demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing the user experience across all platforms.

While the exact timeline is yet to be announced, it is highly anticipated that the ability to share status updates across companion devices will eventually be available on iOS as well. WhatsApp for iPad, a newly tested companion device, signifies the messaging platform’s dedication to extending its services to Apple’s tablets. Beta testers who are part of the TestFlight program can now access WhatsApp on their iPads, underscoring the company’s intention to cater to a broader range of users.

WhatsApp’s latest update represents a significant milestone in its evolution as a communication platform. The ability to share status updates across linked devices, whether through WhatsApp Web or companion devices, provides users with enhanced convenience and connectivity. By incorporating these new features, WhatsApp takes a step forward in its mission to create a seamless and user-friendly messaging experience for all. Stay tuned for the rollout of this feature to all users, as WhatsApp continues to reshape the way we connect and share our lives with others.

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