A Major Performance Patch Brings Redemption to Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, the technically troubled Soulslike game, has recently released a major performance patch that aims to resolve some of the game’s biggest issues on PC. The patch, labeled 1.1.191, specifically targets four main problems that caused the game to crash, ultimately resulting in a disappointing player experience. One significant factor that led to crashes was outdated graphics card drivers that were incompatible with the game’s use of the latest Unreal Engine 5. The developers at Hexworks discovered that the majority of crashes were due to players failing to update their drivers. In response, Hexworks added a pop-up within the game that reminds players to check for the latest Nvidia or AMD driver and provides guidance on how to download an update if needed.

In addition to outdated driver issues, there were other graphics card issues causing crashes. Frame generation stability problems were temporarily deactivated to ensure a more reliable experience on certain Nvidia GPUs from the 40-series. Furthermore, errors affecting specific 30 and 40 series GPUs also led to crashes, even when the game’s graphics quality was set to auto-detect. Hexworks noticed that some players were attempting to push their PCs’ hardware limits instead of relying on the automatic detection system. To address this, the developers recommended players to click on “AUTO-SET” within the Graphics Settings, which would resolve most instability, low frame rate, and crash issues.

Another significant crash factor was a code error that caused potential crashes after the game’s first cinematic. While Hexworks claims to have fixed the problem for most players, they provided a workaround for those still experiencing the issue. By adding “-nopsos” to the game’s launch line in Steam, players could disable the shader compiling calculation responsible for the crash.

Performance Improvements and Balancing Adjustments

The patch not only focused on fixing crashes but also brought about additional performance improvements. One improvement involved stopping the lingering visual effects from the Barrage of Echoes eyeball explosion from persisting for too long after casting the spell. This improvement was necessary as the prolonged effects could potentially impact performance if abused.

Moreover, the patch introduced several balancing tweaks. Enemies received nerfs to make the gameplay a little less punishing for players. The hit direction of certain projectiles was adjusted to prevent players from reacting in the wrong direction. Additionally, the hitbox of the Sunless Skein’s working forces now spawns a few frames later. The Ruiner boss now deals more standard damage, while his fire shield attack and jump knockdown ability have been slightly softened. These changes aim to maintain the challenge while reducing instances of one-shot kills in later regions of the game. Another boss, the Spurned Progeny, no longer interrupts its combos regardless of the player’s actions.

For players who enjoy facing off against each other, the patch introduced a change that removes the ability to parry other players’ kicks. This adjustment was made to provide players with more options when fighting against highly skilled parriers, giving them a new tactic to consider.

Redemption and Future Outlook

As a result of this significant performance patch, Lords of the Fallen has experienced a notable improvement in its reputation among players. The Steam reviews, which were initially labeled as “Mostly Negative,” have shifted to an average “Mixed” rating. At the time of writing, more than half of the over 5,000 reviews are positive. This positive trend is further complemented by the developers’ recent announcement that the game will “never” incorporate controversial anti-piracy technology known as Denuvo. With these positive developments and the ongoing efforts of Hexworks, Lords of the Fallen may soon witness a redemption arc in its reception and player sentiment.


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