A Bold Move: Mistral AI Releases New Model with Just a Torrent Link

In a surprising turn of events, startup Mistral AI made a powerful statement by releasing their new LLM (Large Language Model) with a simple torrent link. This unconventional move quickly grabbed the attention of the AI community, drawing comparisons to Google’s recent Gemini release, which received criticism for its overly polished presentation. Mistral’s approach, on the other hand, was raw and unfiltered, sparking discussions about the future of AI development.

Referred to as a “scaled-down GPT-4” by a Reddit post, Mistral’s LLM, named MoE 8x7B, is said to be an ensemble model consisting of eight experts with a total of seven billion parameters. Interestingly, the inference process for each token only involves the use of two experts. Speculation based on leaked information about GPT-4 suggests that it may be a MoE model with eight experts, each having 111 billion parameters and 55 billion shared attention parameters (amounting to 166 billion parameters per model). Similarly, GPT-4 is also inferred using only two experts for each token.

Mistral’s Unique Release Strategy

According to Uri Eliabayev, an AI consultant and founder of the “Machine & Deep learning Israel” community, Mistral is well-known for its unconventional approach to sharing new models. Unlike traditional releases accompanied by papers, blog posts, code, or press releases, Mistral simply dropped the torrent link without any additional context.

Open source AI advocate Jay Scambler acknowledged the unusual nature of Mistral’s release but emphasized that it effectively generated substantial buzz within the community. This guerrilla move showcased Mistral’s ability to capture attention and make a lasting impression.

Recognition and Growth

The AI community widely praised Mistral’s bold release strategy. Entrepreneurs like George Hotz commended the move, highlighting the company’s willingness to break free from conventional methods. Furthermore, Eric Jang, Vice President of AI at 1X Technologies and former research scientist in robotics at Google, expressed his admiration for Mistral’s brand, making it one of his favorites in the AI space.

Mistral, based in Paris, recently achieved a remarkable $2 billion valuation through a groundbreaking funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. This success follows their record-breaking $118 million seed round, known to be the largest in European history. Mistral’s initial foray into the field of large language AI models began with Mistral 7B, which was launched in September, earning them much acclaim.

Mistral remains actively involved in critical discussions surrounding AI regulation. The company’s lobbying efforts to reduce regulation on open source AI have placed them in the spotlight during the European Parliament’s debate on the EU AI Act. Mistral’s stance on the matter underscores their commitment to fostering innovation and further advancing the field of AI.

Mistral AI’s daring release of their new model through a simple torrent link has sparked intrigue and admiration within the AI community. By taking a bold and unorthodox approach, Mistral has shown that disruptive actions can generate significant attention and propel their brand forward. As Mistral continues to make waves in the AI industry, their strategic decisions will undoubtedly shape the future of open source models and redefine expectations for model releases.


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